Ford might be close to shutting down Mercury brand –

Reports are arriving, courtesy of Bloomberg, about a big decision set to be made at the Ford headquarters.

It seems that due to slow sales and dwindling brand appeal, the Blue Oval is very close to shutting down its Mercury division and continuing with just two brands, the mainstream Ford and the upmarket Lincoln.

Ford officials have limited their comments on saying that the future of the Mercury brand is laid out and they will follow it. According to sources at the beginning of the year, the division will receive its own badge engineered version of the 2012 Focus but not much else.

With the ambitious One Ford plan to release the same cars with minimal changes all around the world, plus the fresh start of the Lincoln brand with a focus on quality features, it seems Mercury just doesn’t have a big role in the future of the Blue Oval.

Will this mean the company is preparing to go the way of Oldsmobile, Pontiac or Hummer? Only time will tell.

Source: Bloomberg

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