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2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

Ford organized a party a couple of days ago for celebrating the arrival of the automaker’s supercharged Mustang coupes that are built especially for drag racing. This party was held at the Auto Alliance Mustang factory in Flat Rock, Michigan where the company said that this Mustang model is the fastest accelerating production car in the world.

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If there’s one thing Americans love, its drag racing. This was highlighted by the massive success that Ford’s Mustand Cobra Jet enjoyed last year, as all of the 50 units set to be made were sold before they could get it off the assembly line.

Now, in order to celebrate the 2010 model, the company decided to build another limited 50-unit run of the Cobra Jet, codenamed FR500CJ, which debuts at this week’s SEMA show. Set to be built at the Auto Alliance plant, it will receive the engines from the Romeo plant.

But don’t go thinking this is just another attempt to squeeze profit from those who didn’t manage to get one last year, as the new model doesn’t only brag with its updated body, but also many tweaks and fine touches, which came from the people who bought the models last year.

Already found on the show floor in Las Vegas, you can still enjoy this pictures if you couldn’t make it (like us).


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