Ford Plans On Using Bubble-Infused Plastics For Shaving Off Hundreds Of Pounds –

Just about every car manufacturer in the world today wants to make lighter cars that are more fuel efficient and friendlier to the environment. Following this trend, Ford will be using bubble-infused plastics on future cars that will shave off from 200 to 750 pounds. Dubbed MuCell, this technology was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and consists of pumping tiny bubbles of nitrogen or carbon into standard injection-molded plastics.

Despite the fact that bubbly plastic is a little bit weaker in comparison to the standard stuff, the automaker says that the difference will be minor as the plastic parts are engineered to be 50 to 100% stronger than they should ever need to be.

Although the implementation of this new technology is in development, the car manufacturer said that they want MuCell plastics in all cars by 2020. This technology isn’t new as it has been around since 1995, but now with the “green” trend, automakers are looking for new ways of rolling out more eco-friendly cars.

Source: Ford via Autoblog

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