Ford presents Transit Connect Electric and Taxi variants |

During this year’s Chicago Auto Show, Ford revealed two new editions for its popular Transit Connect model, which was recently named the 2010 North American Truck of the Year, trumping other extremely popular vehicles.

The first edition is the aptly named Transit Connect Electric, which is presented as more of a fleet solution, for companies which operate inside a city and have a central hub that can work as a recharge stations. With a range of 80 miles and the possibility to be recharged from either a 120 or 240 volt socket, the TCE looks pretty interesting, but in case you really want a zero-emissions model from the Blue Oval, wait for the Focus electric, due to appear next year.

The other model, named the Transit Connect Taxi, promises to be more useful, and a great replacement for the aging Crown Victoria, which has been serving as a cab model for quite some time. Don’t go thinking that this is just a regular Transit with a yellow paint job, as even though it will be powered by the regular 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine like other models, Ford will offer to convert the vehicle so that it can run with compressed natural gas or propane fuels, making it more efficient than other taxi models.

A special version Ford Work Solutions will be implemented in the TCT, which offers high speed Internet and navigation to the driver. Rear passengers will also enjoy various entertainment options, as well as a credit card swipe station. High end solutions might also include an 8.4-inch screen in the back seat, that can offer various types of information, from monuments and tourist sites to stock market data.

Couple all of these features with the ease of getting in and out of the Transit Connect, thanks to the sliding doors and its big capacity, and the TCT looks extremely good.

Source: Ford

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