Ford reveals Fiesta S1600 in the UK –

While the rest of Europe is enjoying the Sport+ edition of the Ford Fiesta, the company’s UK branch decided its consumers need something a bit more exclusive, announcing the Fiesta S1600 limited edition.

Before you ask, this car has no ‘official’ performance upgrades so you’ll still have to wait a bit until the proper Fiesta ST appears. Still, for a price, Ford dealerships do offer the Mountune performance package, that adds 20 extra HP to the total output of the 1.6-liter engine.

Only 650 models will be made, but you’ll be getting a modified body kit, a set of 17-inch white wheels and racing stripes. For the inside, Ford added a leather-wrapped steering wheel, new covers for the handbrake and gear knob plus, wait for it, ‘Motorsport’ floor mats.

If you don’t want to wait for the ST version, pricing for the Ford Fiesta S1600 will start at around £16,645.

Source: Ford

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