Ford sold over half a million Fiesta models in its first year

As proof of the huge popularity the new Ford Fiesta model has enjoyed in the markets it was launched, the US company announced that it has sold over half a million units in the first year since it was launched in the German market.

Since then, it has swept Europe by storm, managing to sell over 400,000 units by September 2009, and then was released in countries like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and, the newest holy grail for the auto industry, China. Considering the strong demand which manifested itself in October, it’s safe to say that the small Fiesta blew everybody’s expectations and went past the half million mark.

But the company isn’t satisfied yet, and plans to expand the market for the Fiesta to new territories, with the most important one being North America, where it will begin selling in summer of 2010. Potential customers will be able to admire the Fiesta’s attractive design as early as December’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

Source: 4WheelsNews

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