Ford Taurus Police Interceptor detailed

As we revealed at the end of last week, Ford has officially unveiled the new Police Interceptor, based on the Taurus sedan. The car is set to replace the aging Crown Victoria from active service in 2011.

As was rumored, there will be two versions of the new Taurus Police Interceptor, one powered by the naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6, capable of 263 HP and available with front- and all-wheel drive, and one powered by the beefier 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, coming with all-wheel drive as standard.

But besides these engines which you can get on any normal Taurus, Ford insists that the rest of the car is completely bespoke, with elements designed in collaboration with law enforcement departments from across the USA.

First off, the unibody structure was stiffened, in order to withstand twice the standards of the old Crown Victoria. Recalibrated electronic stability controls and roll stability controls were also implemented, as well as beefier brakes and suspension.

On the inside, a variety of enhancements were added. Cutouts in the front seats for police-issue utility belts were added, the opening angle of the rear doors were enlarged, the back seat allows for more room, the gear shifter was moved to the steering column in order to allow more space in the center console for extra police equipment, and the steering wheel buttons are now connected to things like the siren or the light bar on the car, for easy access.

The Blue Oval will also work with police departments to upgrade their service areas, so that the new interceptors can be fixed as easily as the older Crown Victorias. The company also revealed that another utility vehicle, based on the Taurus platform, will also be offered to law enforcement departments, but declined to name it.

Overall, the new Taurus is set to be a worthy opponent for the Dodge Charge police car. May the best one win.

Source: Ford

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