Ford Tops Latest Harris Polls –

Harris has published its latest polls and the big winners are Ford and Mercedes. The two car manufacturers managed to grab the top of the list for full line and luxury automakers by scoring the highest in terms of customer connection, equity, trust and commitment.

Ford achieved the first spot in the full line automotive section thanks mostly to its new attractive models, beating Chevrolet, Honda and Toyota. Chevy took the 2nd place while Toyota dropped from the first place to fourth overall. Although Kia and Hyundai didn’t make it in the top 10, both Korean manufacturers were pointed out by Harris as fast risers.

On the luxury section, Mercedes-Benz took the first place from Lexus, putting Toyota’s luxury brand in 2nd. Lexus was followed by BMW, Infiniti and Honda’s Acura marquee.

For this survey, 25,099 people (ages 15 and up) were randomly asked about 60 car manufacturers out of a total 1,273 (I had no idea that there were so many car companies). Each automaker was given at least a total of 1,000 responses and the rankings were chosen on a calculation of “Familiarity”, “Quality” and “Purchase Consideration.”

Source: Harris Interactive via Autoblog

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