Ford unveils inflatable seat belts, adds airbag-like protection to rear seat passengers |

Car safety regulations led to vehicles becoming filled with various types of technologies designed to keep us safe in the worst possible scenarios. One of the most popular type of system is the airbag, which has been incorporated in almost every nook and cranny, protecting the front passengers from almost any type of impact.

But there hasn’t been a lot of breakthrough technologies for the passengers in the rear, which most of the times are children or elderly people, for which a seat belt can cause more harm than good in case of an accident. That’s why Ford has just unveiled its inflatable seat belt technology, which incorporates an air bag into the belts worn by the occupants of the rear seats.

“Ford’s rear inflatable seat belt technology will enhance safety for rear-seat passengers of all ages, especially for young children who are more vulnerable in crashes,” said Sue Cischke, Ford group vice president of Sustainability, Environmental and Safety Engineering. “This is another unique family technology that builds on our safety leadership, including the most top safety ratings of any automaker.”

The technology allows the airbags to appear in just 40 milliseconds after the crash, and, as Ford has highlighted, can’t cause any harm to the passengers, even if a child would doze off with his head on the belt. The American company revealed that the system will be fitted to the upcoming Ford Explorer, and that it plans to offer it to all of its vehicles in the following year. The whole technical details are available at Ford’s website, but you can hit the jump and watch the video which demonstrates the new inflatable seat belts in action.

Source: Ford

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