Ford unveils new custom graphics program for 2011 Mustang and F-150 |

Ford has just decided to bet more on customization programs, seeing as how not a lot of people are content to have just a regular stock car blending in on the road.

As such, it has just revealed a new Custom Graphics program, which lets you customize the exterior of your Blue Oval model to your heart’s content. While it was already available for some vehicles, the company has just announced that it has added designs for bread and butter models like the new 2011 Mustang or the F-150 pick-up truck.

Customers will be able to deck out their future muscle cars or pick-ups with anything from the already ubiquitous flame vinyls to racing stripes or anything in between. What’s really interesting is that if the decals are installed in an authorized Ford dealership, then you get a three-year/36,000 mile warranty on them.

Interested in customizing your own Ford model? The check out the Ford Custom Graphics website.

Source: Ford

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