Ford wants to slow down in 2011, won’t release as many new or refreshed models –

While General Motors or Chrysler have been licking their wounds in 2010, after being bailed out last year, Ford looks like it was never better. The Blue Oval released new models left and right, including the 2011 Mustang, the refreshed 2011 Edge, the all-new 2011 Fiesta or the new 2011 Explorer.

During the launch of these new products, the company also announced that it will shut down the Mercury brand, in order to focus on the upmarket Lincoln, which also received its fair share of new models, like the 2011 MKX or the new MKZ hybrid.

For 2011 though, things are going to slow down, according to Ford America chief Mark Fields. He revealed that the company will shift its focus from launching new or refreshed models, in order to consolidate its products and shave off debt.

This also includes the often talked about One Ford initiative that will ensure almost all the products will be based on global platforms, in order to minimize development costs.

Still, even if Ford will be taking its foot off the gas, GM and Chrysler are expected to put the pedal to the metal, in order to one-up the Blue Oval and get some of their credibility back. The end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 are definitely going to be fun!

Source: Detroit News via Autoblog

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