Ford’s Digital Child Crash Dummies –

No matter how safe the car manufacturers try to build their car models, the reality is that accidents still occur, involving both adults and children passengers. This is why automotive companies do their best to reduce the impact and to limit the effect of a car crash on human body. As we all imagine, our body reacts different on different age, so that the protective measures in case of accidents must be distinctive.

According to this idea, Ford Motor Company have officially announced that they had started building a digital human child, as they did the adult version too. This new digital child crash dummy would have all the characteristics of a human body in childhood, complete with its internal organs, skeleton structure and brain, all as a part of their safety research. By this, Ford hopes to find out how things differ, and what they can do to make things better.

For building the digital model, the researchers started from monitoring and studying injury patterns for children, who are generally much more vulnerable in car crashes. To this, Ford will add the date medical scans (children’s MRIs and CAT scans) provided by volunteers and anatomical texts in order to generate information about child geometry and body, so they to understand how crash forces affect children and to come with ideas to prevent them.

This kind of research from Ford is admirable, because it helps car tests to become more accurate, and hopefully the future cars will be as safe for kids as they try to be for adults.

[Source: Coolest-gadgets, Photo: Facebook Ford]

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