Formula 1 returns to the USA in 2012 at special track in Austin, Texas –

Since 2008, when the last Formula 1 US Grad Prix was held in Indiana, rumors consistently appeared about the return of the famous motorsport competition to America.

Now, after much speculation about the venue, it has been officially announced that Formula 1 will be returning to the USA in 2012. Where will the race be held? Surprisingly at a purpose-built track in Austin, Texas.

The venue has yet to be built, but with the ink still drying on the contract that mandates the F1 US GP to be held there between 2012 and 2021, you can guess that the work has been pushed into overdrive.

We’re a bit surprised of the location, but if this means the glorious F1 cars will once again be able to show their stuff in the USA, we’re all for it.

Source: Formula 1

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