Frankfurt roadtrip episode 2: visits to the Audi, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums |

After the first post from our roadtrip through Germany, I couldn’t keep you updated with what happened in the past few days because the internet connection at the Ingolstadt and Stuttgart hotels was very bad or did not work, so here we are finally in Frankfurt, where we arrived last night. Today we went and picked up our press passes and now we’re taking a little rest before tomorrow’s mania starts. So, here’s what we visited in the last three days:

The Audi Museum (museum mobile) in Ingolstadt. Unfortunately, there weren’t any English guided tours available (couldn’t really understand why), so went to see the museum on our own. With no one to tell us interesting facts about the cars exhibited there and their history, all we had was the information written for every car.

Overall, the tour seemed a little dull, but we liked the concept car section, which has an very interesting design (the cars are placed on small platforms that rotate) and the we were also impressed with the Audi 920 and the Front Luxus classics.

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. I’m sure that every car enthusiast out there gets the shivers when he or she sees the legendary Porsche 356, one of the most famous cars ever to be built and also the car that started the Porsche history when launched by Ferdinand Porsche back in 1948.

Like at the Audi museum, we didn’t have an English guide, but still we saw some really interesting stuff, like a Porsche tractor (never knew Porsche built that) and an interesting panel with all the trophies Porsche cars won in motorsport over the year (really, really impressive). Also Porsche has a nice display of the Carrera history, which emphasizes the range’s evolution.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. This was the last museum we visited, but without doubt it was the most impressive experience from our German trip. Accompanied by our guide (which was great, too bad we can’t remember his name), we went on and saw the Mercedes history, a history which, especially in the first years, coincides with the history of the automobile.

And because we’re going to write more detailed posts about every museum we went to, I’m not going to say more about the Mercedes one right now, except that if you haven’t visited yet, you have no idea what you’re missing.

Special thanks to our partners, who made our experience better: Mercedes Benz and BMW (cars), Sony (A380Y DSLR camera), Mio (Moov S555 GPS device), Vodafone (mobile internet) and Acer (Travelmate 8371 Timeline laptop).

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