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I really like videogames, almost as much as cars, so when I heard that one of the largest gaming companies, Electronic Arts (or EA) will launch Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, a game set out in Venezuela where fuel is used as currency, really sparked my interest, but hearing their marketing plan really got me excited, today, on the launch day of the game in Great Britain, they occupied a petrol station in the UK and offered car owners £40 worth of fuel. In total, they intend to offer about £20,000 worth of fuel to drivers for free.

They have already served about 150 motorists by 7:30 GMT and it definitely looks like the campaing is working, car drivers already queing up for their free gas. Sure, there were a bit of arguing in their midst, but security forces were at hand to keep things quiet and make sure the promotion was going to proceed without incidents. Positive reviews already started to appear from the satisfied drivers, “This is a genius idea, whoever thought of this should be promoted,” said one of the guys, “I’ll definitely be buying the game, you’re never too old to play computer games.” replied another happy customer. All in all, quite a briliant marketing campaign from EA and I’m sure the game will sell, let’s just hope they bring that kind of publicity in other countries.

Source: Destructoid

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