French parents angry at Renault for naming its electric car Zoe |

As you might remember from a few weeks ago, Renault has revealed that it will be starting production of all-electric vehicles as soon as 2011, with models like the Twizy and Zoe to appear on the market.

But while we can all praise electric cars and their names, it seems that Zoe hasn’t really gone down well with French parents, which are angry at Renault for deciding to use such a common name for girls (according to statistics, Zoe is the 17th most common name for girls in France), for its future car.

The parents have started petitions and are demanding for the French company to change the name as soon as possible and don’t even care that it will be used for an innovative electric car.

“Our daughters have a beautiful first name that must not be associated with a car, so let us unite to bring pressure on a multinational which s going to destroy this pretty name for a children,” says a petition launched by Sebastien Mortreus, from Auby. “It’s a scandal that they are able to use common first names for products.”

As you can imagine, Renault isn’t really impressed by the parents, and declared that: “It is a name that evokes values of femininity, of youth, a playful spirit and vivacity. It is also a reference to the concept of zero emissions.”

Frankly, I don’t really see what’s the big fuss. At least they didn’t name a big, heavy and wasteful SUV Zoe, and many years ago when Alfa Romeo launched the Giulia, nobody got upset. What do you believe? Are parents right about this argument or should Renault keep the name and risk a few people not wanting to buy the future Zoe?

Source: Autocar

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