French tuned Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 |

France hasn’t been really sticking its head out regarding the tuning industry, leaving that domain to the germans or japanese guys, but Jeremi Paret decided to take matters into his own hands and put France on the tuning map. His first creation is this really beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, which received quite a lot of accesories, like a Reventon-inspired front bumper or pink brake calipers.

First of all, Jeremi Paret aims to bring tuning to another level, by first of all making a virtual mock-up of what the car will look like and showing it to the customers before any hands are placed on the actual car. The owner will have a huge say in the model’s development, the tuners focusing on unique customization, insteand of ready made tuning packages which can be applied by anyone. Another innovation is that the firm offeres to pay for the transport of the car in France, which will be sure to turn some heads and make the customers smile.

But let’s focus on this beautiful Gallardo, the first things that pops out is the front bumper which remings of the Reventon, the carbon fiber front spoiler lip, side skirts and door handles really contrast with the candy white paint job, a big rear diffuser accentuates the power that this car is capable of, and last but definetely not least, the pink brake calippers really bring a unique twist on the car, looking really nice inside the Asanti Diamond wheels. Inside, comfort is at its peak, the leather seats and Alpine entertainment system bring quality to the ride. One more photo after the jump.

Source: MotorAuthority

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