From Notch-Style Hatch to Coupe-Truck Hybrid: Embracing Unconventional Car Modifications

  • New Bolt-on Sportbak canopy has hit the market which can replace the ordinary notch-style hatch. Quite the change of pace for those tired of their old-school hatch.
  • You have the option to get rid of both the notch-style hatch and the new fancy Sportbak, giving your ride a more unconventional coupe-truck look. Who needs normality anyways?

Now for my two cents. Picture this: you wake up one day, tired of the norm, tired of your regular notch-style hatch. So you decide to mix things up. You grab your toolkit, slide on those work gloves and get to work on your car. When you’re done, what was once your normal car, is now, in some strange, avant-garde fashion, packed with a kind of bricolage chic. Unique? Yes. Conventional? Less so.

But wait, why stop there? Let’s fully embrace the odd: ditch that bolt-on Sportbak as well, revealing your new ride: a coupe-truck hybrid! Ah! The puzzled looks of passerby only fuel your unabashed joy. This is innovation, this is progress. This is… probably not for everyone. But hey, why let the conventions of car design dictate your ride’s style? Rev your engine with pride, you pioneer of auto-aesthetic!


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