Future 2011 BMW 6 Series will be the best looking car, says executive | Rpmgo.com

Sadly we still don’t have a fortune teller on our pay roll to tell us about future cars and how they will look or feel, but thanks to BMW North America CEO Jim O’Donnell, we hear that the future BMW 6 Series from the Bavarian automaker will be the best looking one we’ve seen in years.

He revealed that the new model will say good bye to the old design lines from Bangle, especially in terms of its rear end, and will adopt a more aggressive but also sleeker body style. It seems that we can also expect to see multiple versions, including a convertible outfitted with a hard top, with no chances for a soft top one.

In terms of engines, rumors place units ranging from entry-level V6 motors with twin turbos to heavy V8s in the future model. Chances are we might also see a hybrid version, based on the 655. Nothing is for certain though, as the company is keeping things under a tight wrap until the Geneva Motor Show in March next year.

Source: AutomobileMag

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