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Fiat is taking some big steps in merging the operations, at least in terms of manufacturing, of its bigger brands like Alfa Romeo and a more “unknown” company like Chrysler.

That’s why it is now reported that the Italian group will shift the production of its bigger models from Italy to various Chrysler plants in North America. It is expected that the future replacements for the 159 and 166 will soon be made in the good ol’ US of A, as well as few other big Fiat models. It seems that the Italian company wants to trim the fat in the five plants it currently owns in Italy, and will orient the factories to working with smaller models, like the 500 or the future Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

It has also been revealed that Chrysler will be continuing to sell a wide array of vehicles in Europe, which will retain their identity outside of Italy, and be badged as Lancia models inside the country. Among them will be the 300C, the Sebring sedan and convertible, the Voyager, as well as other Dodge models like the Nitro or Journey.

While we can’t say we agree (will Alfas retain their unique identity?) these are some healthy decisions coming from both Fiat and Chrysler. What do you believe? Will you be interested in an American-built Alfa?

Source: Autocar

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