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It seems that Bentley will be going greener and greener in the future, and I’m not talking about new paint options either, as the next generation of the Continental GT model will also see a hybrid version, in which the presumably big gasoline engine will be helped by a smaller electric one. This is part of the UK automaker’s strategy to become more friendly with the environment, after presenting a bioethanol version of the current Continental GT Supersports.

The future series, which is expected to hit around 2011, will see plenty of other technologies, aimed at lowering its fuel average and its CO2 emissions. It is expected that the hybrid model will take the current 396 g/km value and lower it by as much as 40% to a more sensible 225 g CO2/km. We will also bioethanol version of the future models, in order to further differentiate the Continental GT from its rivals.

Ulrich Eichhorn, one of Bentley’s executives revealed that the current Supersports and the future Continental hybrid will aim at delivering both a high performance and a more balanced take on the environment, in order to satisfy all of its customers.

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Source: Automarket

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