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When you talk about performance, BMW cars are right up there in terms of reliability and the fact that they can bring a big smile to any car enthusiast’s face. But any fan of the Bavarian automaker knows, if you want the best experience, then a special M model from BMW is the only choice.

But in recent times things haven’t been that good for the tuning division at the automaker as people aren’t going for massive engines these days due to fuel cost and the new environment issues. That is why one of the most recent cars from the M division, the X6 M, is powered by a twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8, instead of opting, just a few years ago, for 5- or 6-liter V10 engines, like it is found currently on the M5.

Dr. Kay Segler, the newly appointed head of the M division went on the record by saying that this new downsize in engine size won’t mean that all future M models will not offer the same dose of excitement or the same thrills as older versions. He says that looking to the future, the new M cars need to be both sporty but still offer a good fuel economy with lower CO2 emissions, in order to reach standards from various governments, meaning that cylinders will be cut, and turbochargers will be added.

The executive also defended the fact that the new X6 and X5 have both received an M model, by saying that they belong in the lineup as these versions offer not only a bigger dose of power, but also new technologies implemented in the powertrain and are even lighter. He also said that new M models based on the X1 or X3 will soon appear.

At the end of his interview, he took the chance to answer a question which has been making BMW fans scratch their heads for quite some time: Will we see an M car with an electric motor. Short answer from Segler: NO! (and BMW fans breathe a sigh of relief).

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Source: Autocar

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