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For plenty of car fans the new wave of hybrids slowly taking over the streets of cities all around the world causes nothing but headaches, as it more or less means that big engines and the supercars which house them will become scarcer and scarcer.

But how about a hybrid with a V12 engine? Because that’s what Ferrari boss Amadeo Felisa plans with the first hybrid from the Italian supercar maker. The model (which don’t worry as it is still planned to arrive in the more distant future) will mark a comeback for big engines, as Felisa revealed to Autocar that: “If we move to a turbo on the eight cylinders it’s not because we want to get rid of the V12s.”

He also conceded that until battery technology will advance far enough to sustain a supercar but to also be reasonably priced, a Ferrari hybrid won’t appear. “We will work for the next three or four years on the technology and evaluate batteries,” said Felisa.

But this doesn’t mean that the environment isn’t a priority for the Italian automaker, as the executive did reveal that the upcoming Ferrari California will have a Stop-Start system, which will give it a better fuel economy. “California will be the model that drives our innovations,” he revealed, “because we feel its customers are more concerned about these things.”

Even though plenty of people will start complaining that these moves will make Ferrari stray from the path laid out by its founder, the move is something the automaker can’t avoid if it wants to stay competitive in today’s market.

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Source: Autocar

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