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Lamborghini releases on the market amazing fast cars almost every year, proving that incredible vehicles can be manufactured by imperfect human beings. All the Lamborghini cars are usually impressive because of their exterior design which is meant to follow the aerodynamic rules in order to improve the top speed of these supercars. In addition, the Italian automaker tried to improve each and every one of the components used for manufacturing the cars no matter if it was about the main material (nowadays mainly carbon fiber) used to build the frame and the interior of the car or about the engineering and technical components.

But despite all these innovations, Lamborghini didn’t forget to respect the environment by creating future Lamborghini cars that will combine the ecological components with luxury and fastness. Maybe you can not believe that a supercar can be both a fast, luxurious car and an ecological vehicle in the same time. To convince you I will offer you some information about the new concept car that Lamborghini is planning on producing in the next few years.

So, take a quick look at the Lamborghini Rompighiaccio concept and you will see that this supercar allows an eco drive without any compromises when it comes to luxury. This future Lamborghini was designed by Denis Archambault and is an electric car inspired from the snow sculpts created by wind in the incredible Arctic landscape. You actually have the impression that this supercar looks like a wolf anatomy. But the main goal was to design a car that provides a zero-emission drive, but in the same time displays a luxurious interior. Another interesting feature is that the rear spoiler of this future Lamborghini adjusts its shape in order to help the driver lower the speed without having to use much the braking force.

Because this supercar will not be equipped with a large engine like other previous Lamborghini models, all the remaining space will be used in a better way. Even if there isn’t much information about the technical components of the Lamborghini Rompighiaccio, it is said that this future Lamborghini will feature a flexible interior including moving seats, designed to improve the experience of the driver. An interesting fact about this supercar is that when the speed increases, the seats get closer to each other. Moreover, the passenger seats can be put off and as a result the driver’s seat can be placed in the center for the purpose of providing the driver a wider viewing angle.

Lamborghini Rompighiaccio

The Lamborghini Rompighiaccio will deliver the same or even a better performance than its competitor models and I think that no other car brand will be able to dethrone this incredible electrical supercar. But we must have a little more patience, because it will take a while until we will be able to find out if this new Lamborghini produces more or less power than expected or if it really produces zero emissions.

Even if the Lamborghini Rompighiaccio will have a tough competitor represented by the Seat Flexus concept car envisioned by Raphael Morais, I think that Lamborghini will put up a good fight because this future Lamborghini is unique due to its ultra modern and compact design that is completed with an interior that goes to the next level when it comes to luxury. The competition between these two “green” supercars will be fierce, but interesting and exciting for the ones that will take advantage of the final products. Who will be the winner? That’s a question that needs an answer! So, let the game begin!

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