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Yes, I am aware of the blasphemy that the title expresses, but according to some insiders at the Japanese company Mitsubishi, the new PX-MiEV concept (pictured above), effectively a plug-in hybrid version of the Outlander SUV, might contain technology which will be used on the next generation, high performance Lancer Evolution XI.

The new concept, which is being show at the Tokyo Motor Show these days, contains a four-wheel drive system, which are powered by two 81 HP permanent magnet synchronous motors and a 1.6-liter MIVEC gasoline engine, which is connected only to the front wheels and serves as a generator. The most intriguing part is the fact that the whole hybrid drivetrain is centered around the company’s S-AWC handling system, borrowed from the Evo X model.

This system, which changes driving modes on the fly depending on the behavior of the car and the power in the batteries can deliver up to 140 mpg economy, according to Mitsubishi.

But while this concept will definitely lead to a hybrid Outlander by 2013, sources claim that the next Lancer Evo will also see it implemented in a production mode. What do you think? Would a hybrid Lancer Evo attract you or should the performance car be left how it is?

Source: Autocar

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