Gamers Risk More Behind The Wheel –

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According to a study conducted by Continental Tires, gamers have the tendency to take more risks while driving a car. On average, 22% of gaming drivers reported being pulled over by the cops, in comparison to 13% on non-gamers. 31% of the gamers have run a red light in the last 12 months while only 14% of non-gamers did it. More than that, it seems that 45% of the drivers that enjoy video games suffer from road rage while only 22% of the people that don’t play games stated the same.

Comparison between people that play / don’t play video games:

DO   DON’T % stopped by police                                               22    13 % who use mobile when driving                          19    12 % ever made a claim for an accident                  30    15 % run a red light in last 12mnths                         31    14 % driven wrong way down 1-way street            13    10 % hit stationary object when parking                 22    13 % accidently clipped a car but kept quiet           19   11 % take risks (accelerate too quickly, overtake) 44    21 % suffer road rage                                                   45   22 % who speed                                                            25   13 % scare others with their driving                          26   11 Attempts before passing test                                   2    3

No. of prangs to their vehicle in last 12months    1    2

However, the researchers at the University of Rochester don’t seem to agree with these figures as they believe that playing video games can help speed up reaction times and make a driver more sensitive to the environment around him. The same researchers also said that people that enjoy playing video games are better at multi-tasking, meaning that they will do a better job behind the wheel.


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