Gas prices go down, SUV sales start to recover |

The SUV sales took a major slump in the United States this year, due to the rising fuel prices and the worsening economic situation. However, with recent oil prices going down, the gas price also started getting lower. In May and June, when the average gas price was $4.11 per gallon, truck sales fell below 10% of overall vehicle sales. In September, when the price fell to $2.78 per gallon, 14.1% vehicles sold were trucks. During such fragile financial times, I think it’s a stupid thing to go buy an SUV only because gas prices are lower. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

But if people are reckless, carmakers are not. Because all the companies that announced the drop of some of their SUV, like GM, said they’ll stick to their current plans, where small cars and hybrids are their top priorities. Yvonne Malmgren, manager of global sales and incentive communications for Chrysler LLC told Automotive News that “as a company, we are looking at a future of high gasoline prices [..] That is what we expect, and we’re aligning our business plans with that idea in mind.”

Source: Automotive News (Via eGMCarTech)

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