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There isn’t anything special that you could say about a regular gas station, mostly because all of them are the same. However, the exception would have to be this one which is strategically located less than 100 meters away from the paddock of the famous Monza circuit. When the racetrack is open, this would have to be the best gas station in the world where you have the possibility to admire all sorts of supercars that come to fill their tanks.

As you can see from this video, on the day of the recording there were a lot of Ferraris waiting in line for a refill. These are the cars captured by the camera: Ferrari 599 GTO / GTB / HGTE, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Ferrari F430 Coupe / Spider, Ferrari 360 Modena and a Ferrari California.

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Here is something that you don’t hear every day or better said, something that you hope to avoid: a gas station in a town near Stuttgart, Germany raised the price for super gasoline to a whopping 9.99 Euros / liter on Easter Monday. Why? In their attempt to prevent customers from buying the fuel. Sounds ridiculous, we know.

The German news site “The Local” said that the Esso gas station raised the price to 9.99 Euros / liter due to the reason that it was running low on the fuel amid a nationwide supply shortage.

The funny part is that although there were plenty of signs posted at the pumps, there were several clients that fueled their cars, not knowing the increased price. Once they’ve reached the cash register, they had a very unpleasant surprise. One of these clients had to pay 209.98 Euros for the 21 liters of super gasoline that he put in his BMW. Another one had to pay just less than 200 Euros for 20 liters of fuel.

These angry customers called the local police and refused to pay the bills. However, they were told to pay the gas because otherwise, that Esso station would have made a complaint. Eventually, they’ve paid for the gas, hoping to sort out some sort of agreement with Esso later on.

Due to the Easter traffic, one in five stations in Stuttgart, Germany had no supplies of super gasoline on Monday.

Source: via Carscoop

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Well, this one’s interesting and I’m sure no one would’ve thought of that. At the rate the gas price is rising in the US, it will probably soon hit the $4 per gallon mark and this is a serious threat to thousands of gas station owners. The reason? Well, old gas pumps can only register up to $3.99. And that’s not all, because most of these pumps can only count up to $99.99, so owners of some SUVs, vans, trucks and tractor-trailers can’t fill their tanks all the way.

According to Bob Renkes, executive vice president of the Petroleum Equipment Institute of Tulsa, Okla, as many as 8,500 of the nation’s 170,000 service stations have old-style meters, which means about 17,000 pumps that should be replaced when gas price will hit the $4 mark.

Most of these gas station owners can’t afford to pay from $10,000 up to $15,000 investment for a new pump. The same situation happened in 2005, when gas hit the $3 mark, but then owners installed kits that refitted the meters. However, even though these kits are cheaper, $650 a piece, this option raises the risk of a breakdown because the computer that they’re upgrading was not designed to go any more than what it’s going now.

You can read the full article on AP.


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