Geely premieres for the Auto China Show |

Next month, at the Auto China Show which is scheduled to start on April 20 in Beijing, the Chinese carmaker Geely will present more than 20 models, of which the most interesting will be the Geely CE Hatchback and the Geely GT.

The Geely GT, also known as the Geely Tiger marks Geely’s advance upmarket and the 4.9 meter concept is described by Li Shufu, Geely’s president as a ’small Rolls-Royce’ also comparable to the Lorus Elise.

The other concept, the Geely CE Hatchback will be Geely’s attempt to a market dominated by the Mazda 2, Peugeot 206 and Honda Fit. Though no impressive innovations are present, Geely will try to be competitive through its low prices.

More details on the Geely fleet will be available as the Auto China Show approaches and meanwhile, you can check out more photos of the cars after the jump.

Photo Gallery: Geely GT Concept

Photo Gallery: Geely CE Hatchback Concept

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