Gemballa Avalanche GT2 650 EVO R based on the Porsche 911 |

Yeah, we know it’s a tough one to remember, but that’s the name of Gemballa’s latest “toy”, based on the Porsche 911. And if you’re troubled by its name, wait and see what it packs. Because Gemballa’s latest creation is simply a beast. They’ve taken the GT2, and pumped it up to 650 bhp, resulting a car that goes from 0 to 100 km/h (60 mph) in 3.3 seconds and to 200 km/h (125mph) in under 10 seconds.

Hehe, pretty impressive, huh? But you thought that’s all? No, no, no…Gemballa also created a 750 bhp version of the same GT2, that has about the same acceleration and a top speed of 336 km/h (208mph).

And if that’s not enough, the lucky owners of this little “beasts” will get exclusive interior and exterior fittings.


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