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German tuning company Gemballa has been revived, after its founder, Uwe Gemballa, went missing at the beginning of the year, leaving the tuner in a lot of financial trouble.

The company is under a new ownership, led by CEO Andreas Schwarz and investor Steffen Korbach.

Things are already going back to normal, as the former showroom of Gemballa, in Leonberg, Germany, has been refurbished. 22 employees are already working on tuning kits for exotic models like the Porsche Cayenne or the Panamera. The company will also see the development of dedicated Gemballa products, along the lines of the Gemballa MIG-U1, which was based on the Ferrari Enzo.

So, if you had an exotic supercar in your garage just aching for a tuning treatment, you can rest assured that Gemballa will gladly take your money.

Source: Gemballa

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