Gemballa's Ferrari Enzo-based Mig-U1 gets detailed |

Quick, look outside the window! If you see a Ferrari Enzo in your driveway, then I’ve got some bad news for you: 399 people drive the same car as you these days. Luckily, the guys at Gemballa have got just the thing: the Mig-U1 performance and appearance package for your Italian hypercar.

This special treatment for the Enzo takes it closer to the FXX track car, and adds things like a roof scoop, jet-thruster surrounds for the exhaust or black alloy wheel, alongside the widebody kit which boasts a revamped nose, a ducted hood, more vents and gills in the fenders, plus the huge rear wing. All of these changes on the outside do have a purpose, as the Mig-U1 now has an addition 77 pounds (35 kilograms) of downforce in the front and 187 pounds (85 kg) at the back.

On the inside, you’ll be treated to black leather and red Alcantara, complete with rosso piping and stitching, as well as a revamped center console which houses a seven-inch touchscreen, conencting you to the navigation, DVD changer and the 950-watt sound amplifier.

One of the most important packs of this package is the performance enhancements that Gembella added to the Enzo. The Mig-U1 now outputs, thanks to a few changes made to the ECU and a new exhaust system, around 700 HP, as opposed to the standard 651 HP.

No pricing details were given, but until you can save up the money, enjoy the photo gallery with the Gemballa Mig-U1 below.

Photo Gallery: Gemballa Mig-U1

Source: Gemballa

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