Geneva 2008: Kia Soul triplets |

The press conference announcing the Kia Soul mini crossover concepts will take place tomorrow, but today we managed to take some photos of the upcoming Soul ‘triplets’ which will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show. The first one and the most impressive, is the SOUL Burner, with a cool modern design and painted in black and red. The second one is the DIVA, which it looks like it will target all those wannabe divas out there, with a glamorous look, given by the white color and especially the golden insertions. And the third one is the Searcher, which, judging after its looks and its name, is a more off-terrain oriented vehicle. More info tomorrow, when the official press conference will take place.

Meanwhile, check out all our Kia Souls photos from Geneva after the jump.

Full Photo Gallery: Kia Soul triplets at Geneva

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