Geneva Preview: Artega GT Coupe |

The Artega GT Coupe debuted last year at Geneva and it was then presented at Frankfurt. Next month, at the Geneva Motor Show the production ready Artega GT will be on display. Designed by Henrik Fisker (yes, the same man that created the Fisker Karma), the Artega GT kept about the same characteristics as the concept, with a rear mounted 3.6 V6 Volkswagen engine developing 300 hp at 6,600 rpm mated to a Volkswagen DSG gearbox.

500 units will be built and the Artega GT is scheduled to go on sale this summer, at a starting price of €74,983 (about $108,000). For this money, you will also get carbon-fiber reinforced body, ABS, air bags, ASP and bi-xenon headlights.

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Full Photo Gallery: Artega GT Coupe

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