GM boss doesn't deny Chevrolet Cruze Coupe plans |

The new Chevrolet Cruze is getting ready to enter its native US market, after achieving quite a lot of success in Europe and other territories. But with its North American launch, many people are clamoring for more performance-oriented editions.

As such, when GM North America president Mark Reuss went on a recent web chat with fans, he was quickly questioned about the possibility of a Cruze coupe, which might get a boost in power (Cruze SS anyone?). Reuss tackled the question, but didn’t give a straightforward answer.

“2 door cruze is a nice idea, and it may show up in the global market. As we have 2 door Cobalts currently, [North America] would naturally look at a Cruze 2 door, but I believe our small car portfolio will be WAY beyond what it is now, so a 2 door something still is needed.”

The Cruze will eventually replace the Cobalt, and seeing as how the Cobalt SS is still experiencing some pretty good sales, it’s likely that GM won’t leave that niche unattended with its new model.

Reuss also let slip that the Zeta rear-wheel drive platform might possibly make an appearance with a new model in one of the GM’s core brands. No reason to celebrate just yet, but it’s nice that GM is still catering to performance fans.

Source: GM Reinvention via Autoblog

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