GM CEO says Chevrolet Volt will enter production in late 2010

During a recent conference call at Washington, GM CEO Fritz Henderson was asked by a Senator about the state of one of the company’s biggest gambles, the Chevrolet Volt electric car. Henderson replied that everything is going smoothly and that it will enter production around late November or early December, 2010.

As you all know, the government is quite interested about the measures GM is taking in order to become more popular and to generate a bigger profit, especially after getting all that bailout money from the tax payers.

Henderson, besides praising the Volt, also revealed that he expects less than one percent of the cars sold through its “May the best car win” strategy, those with the 60-day Money Back guarantee, in case you forgot, to be returned.

The executive also revealed that market share and brand reliability will increase, after a recent report deemed GM cars lagging behind its fellow Detroit rival, Ford, which didn’t receive any bailout money.

Source: DetNews via Automarket

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