GM says it hasn't received a good offer for Saab |

In between showing off to journalists at the Detroit Auto Show and sharing his insight on the Cadillac Converj, General Motors executive Bob Lutz talked about Saab, and how while the wind down process of the Swedish brand continues, his company is still analyzing offers.

“The offers we’ve received so far in terms of risk and financing up-front just have been as good as winding it down,” Lutz said. “For years GM has been procrastinating when it comes to Saab. I’m glad to see that for once GM is sticking with a decision to wind something down.”

While I’m sure GM is content with getting rid of a financially troubled brand, I do think that many Saab fans, workers and share holders aren’t that thrilled with GM’s decissions so far. While they may still cling to hope that another company will arrive to save it, things aren’t looking good.

Source: Autocar