GM starts Company Vehicle Ambassador Program, lets employees take cars home |

It seems General Motors’ marketing department going in a whole new direction these days, as not only did it release a video which actually promotes the Chevrolet Volt, not like the dreaded Chevy Volt and Me song, but now it has started the Company Vehicle Ambassador Program.

What does that mean? It allows regular employees, not just upper management executives, to use vehicles made by any brand from under GM for their personal use. The aim, of course, is the enhance the way GM’s vehicles are perceived and to increase their numbers on the road.

It also makes the employees much happier, as they really get to know the vehicles that they assemble everyday. Frankly, I think GM should be congratulated for such an initiative, and perhaps other companies would follow its example. It would certainly make working for them much more exciting.

Source: Detroit Free Press via Autoblog

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