GM wants to people to forget about Chevy nickname |

There are a huge number of car brands active these days. But not a lot of them can hold a stick to the popularity and the heritage of General Motors’ Chevrolet brand.

Over the years, the company became as quintessentially American as apple pie or the 4th of July, earning it the nickname Chevy. As you could imagine, GM was extremely pleased back in the day that its brand was so loved by many.

Now, things have changed. In a recent internal memo sent by marketing vice president, Jim Campbell, and VP of sales and service, Alan Batey, employees and dealers are now advised to use just the Chevrolet name, effectively eliminating the Chevy nickname.

Why? Because brand consistency is key and, according to the brilliant minds of GM, people can’t possibly make the connection between Chevrolet and Chevy.

A funny fact is that in order to exemplify their reasoning, the two Chevy Chevrolet execs use Coke as an example, forgetting that it is short for Coca-Cola.

But all joking aside, this, if it will be made official, is a terrible idea. Brands work for decades to get a nickname with its customers, and wanting to delete the Chevy memory from the mind of faithful consumers is just plain wrong.

That’s our reasoning, at least. What’s your point of view? Share your thoughts below.

Source: New York Times

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