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At the beginning of the year, GM really surprised a lot of people when it revealed the GMC Granite concept.

The premium boxy concept was something completely different for GM’s ‘Professional Grade’ brand, looking more like a youth-oriented Scion xB than the other rough-looking vehicles from the GMC range. It was a hit though, as the Granite won the Best Concept award.

Still, GM isn’t decided on whether or not the Granite will actually make it to production.

The guys at MotorTrend published a report a few days ago, saying that the urban concept was cleared for production. Yesterday though, GM refuted the rumor, saying that, at least for the moment, the Granite is still a concept, and hasn’t been cleared for production.

It seems that even though GM is on the upswing, financially speaking, things still need to get much better before a risky concept like the Granite will see time and money invested in it.

Would you be pleased with a production-ready GMC Granite? Share your thoughts below.


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It seems that General Motors heard the Internet is used by young people and is preparing to shifts its strategy in terms of marketing models which are catered to a younger audience, instead of using the old TV, which is so 2009.

One of the first models to get such a “unique” promotion might be the GMC Granite, in case it will actually be built, as Buick-GMC advertising director Steve Rosenblum revealed that a vehicle with the characteristics of the Granite, and targeted for people under 35, would serve as a great product to market on the Internet.

Another potential market that a presumed Granite-like model would target, according to Rosenblum, is the smart phone advertising one, as by 2011, two-thirds of cell phone users under 40 will have a smart phone device. As such, the team is working on a special type of brochure, which includes a bar code that can be read by smart phones and will redirect them to a website where other features can be displayed and to a social networking service where potential customers can talk with the designers of the cars.

This is all some bold new ground for GM, both in terms of advertising and in terms of the Granite, which will explore a segment unknown to GMC as of yet. Will it work? Share your thoughts below.


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GMC, as a brand, has always been about big, heavy SUVs and various vans which were made famous by cult TV shows. But seeing a show parent company General Motors isn’t in the best of financial times, it is trying to expand and cover other areas of the market.

The first effort towards this goal is the new GMC Granite concept, which will tackle Japanese models like the Scion xB or the Nissan Cube, and will be showcased at this week’s Detroit Auto Show. Its shape and dimensions are certainly made to content with the aforementioned vehicles, and it still retains that big heavy feeling of any GMC on the road, despite it is 2 feet shorter than the current smallest SUV in the lineup, the Terrain.

Of course this model was specifically designed for the city, and will be marketed as an Urban Utility Vehicle, with its interior being more than capable to fit anything from passengers to a lot of luggage, if you fold down seats. Speaking of the interior, it looks quite high end, and will definitely attract through its interesting color and material combinations.

The side doors are rear hinged (aka suicide), allowing for an easier access, and according to one of the Granite’s lead designers, Dave Lyon, they will make it to the production model, when it will be released during 2011.

The GMC Granite will be powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, the same on which on the Chevrolet Cruze develops 138 HP and 148 lb-ft of torque. The concept features a six-speed automatic transmission, but a manual option for the production edition wasn’t ruled out.

What do you think about GMC’s latest creation? Does it have what it takes to rival the Scion and the Nissan? Choose your winner by leaving a comment below.


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