GM's handling of Hummer to be investigated by Senator Roland Burris |

After last weekend’s Save Hummer summit, it has been revealed that Illinois Senator Roland Burris will open an official investigation into how General Motors has handled its Hummer brand, especially after the sale talks with China’s Sichuan Tengzhong failed.

It seems that even though GM said it is open to any other bidders, great offers from two electric vehicle research companies, Raser Technologies and Electric Motors Corporation, haven’t even received an answer. Even more so, GM has recently revealed that the wind down process is continuing as planned, and the SUV brand is going to be closed down soon.

The Senator is going to ask GM the reasons such offers were turned down without even a suggestion to improve them and potentially save Hummer and its employees. He will also plead some of the suggestions the groups who attended the Save Hummer summit had revealed.

Hopefully this investigation will shed some light on the fate of the brand, but don’t cross your fingers just yet.

Source: HummerGuy

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