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Garia LSV

For golfers, you might find this interesting – the Garia LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) was built at the very same factory as the Porsche Cayman and Boxster. It came as a surprise to me to see (as I know squat about golf cars) this one has a built-in refrigerator, hand-stitched seats and a supercar-inspired steering wheel.

The LSV version is the street legal version of the Garia which means that you can drive it from the golf course right to your home, pretty cool if you ask me. Being a street legal car it means that has all the street legal necessary equipments like side mirrors, seatbelts and reflectors.

With a whopping top speed of 25 mph it has a very modern double wishbone front suspension as well as a rather interesting digital instrument cluster plus automotive style springs and shocks. The drivetrain of this small beast was made by an Italian company that also manufactures gearboxes for Ducati and the rest of the components are made by the same suppliers that Volvo, Jaguar and Aston Martin have.

I for one think that it is the coolest golf cart I have ever seen, but I wouldn’t drive one during rush hour New York. However, for the golf courses and nearby roads, it is the perfect means of transportation. Don’t know about the price of this baby but with high-end features, it should have a hefty price tag. I can tell you that it is available only for the United States market. Check out this video to see the Garia LSV in all its golf-oriented glory.

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Sharing is caring in the Volkswagen group, as the company announced that the 2.0-liter TSI engine from the Golf GTI, which produces 210 HP and 280 (207 lb-ft) of torque will alo be made available on the Scirocco and Eos models.

The four-cylinder engine, for those of you who don’t know, will be offered with a six-speed manual gearbox and an optional DSG dual-clutch one, allowing it to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, for the Scirocco, and 7.8 for the heavier Eos. But you’ll also get better fuel economy with this new model, as it will do a combined cycle of 7.4 liters/100 km (31.8 mpg) in the Scirocco and even better on the Eos, at 7.2 liters/100 km (32.7 mpg).

Overall, this is definitely a great idea from Volkswagen, and will most certainly affect the sales of the GTI in favor of the Scirocco.


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Volkswagen is definitely a busy company these days, releasing new things almost every week. After the Frankfurt Motor Show, the company decided to further amplify the hype surrounding its L1 concept, which boasts a very impressive fuel economy.

Part of this strategy was a new video, which shows some of the design stages through which the model has gone through. But a few eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that at around the 4:37 mark, another clay model is seen in the same hall as the L1. Judging by the overall shape, it is a Golf, but catching a glimpse of the healights and the slightly more aggressive stance, it isn’t the current Golf VI model, but a new generation of it, the often rumored Golf VII.

The seventh generation of the popular hatchback has already been talked about by VW design boss Walter de’Silva which revealed that he can’t even catch a good night’s rest because of it. Featuring, as I’ve said, a more aggressive stance and a coupe-like body, the new Golf has a new pair of headlamps, but is still in the clay modeling stage.

Set to be launched around 2012, it definitely seems that the company wants something completely different with this future generation, as the current one just seems an fairly unattractive mix between the Scirocco and a Touareg. All we can do is fuel the speculation fire. Take a look at the video below and share your thoughts on it.


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Volkswagen sure is betting big on its hot hatches, especially in the performance segment of the market as it has launched a few months ago the new Scirocco R and at last week’s Frankfurt Motor Show the Golf R, both of which promise to offer some fast thrills to their buyers.

In order to increase the hype around the two new models, Volkswagen has just released this new video, in which they, and their drivers, are subjected to some extreme racing conditions. I have to admit that while the Golf R makes more sense, with its four-doors and AWD, the Scirocco’s looks are gorgeous and I’d buy it in an instant. Enjoy the video and leave a comment with which model impresses you the most.

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As you might have seen last week on the site, Volkswagen is preparing to unleash the monster which will be the mark VI Golf R at the Frankfurt Motor Show. We’ve speculated a bit on the technical details and the looks of the car, but just before the curtain is unveiled on the show floor, we received the first official pics and details on the new Golf R, which will be the most powerful model of the current generation.

Borrowing a lot from the VW Scirocco R, the new R edition of the Golf will be powered by a 2 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, as opposed to the previous generation’s R32, which had a 3.2 liter V6. This new top-of-the-range model will develop 270 HP with 320 Nm (236 lb-ft) of torque. But as a major difference from the Scirocco R, the Golf will be fitted with a new hydraulic four-wheel drive system, borrowed from the Audi S3.

This massive engine will be connected to a six-speed DSG gearbox, in classic VW style, which, unofficially, seems to be even faster than a manual transmission, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.5 seconds, as opposed to the manual’s 5.7 time. The speed is limited to 250 km/h or 155 mph, but is still quite faster than the R32 of the previous generation.

With such a powerful engine and the performance gearbox, you can be sure that the team at VW also fitted the chassis with a lowered but more powerful suspension, and also tinkered with the braking system in order to safely handle all of the power of the car.

On the exterior, you will find a lot of similarities with the Scirocco R in terms of overall look, as the front and rear bumpers, side skirts and even darkened head and tail lights were borrowed from the coupe cousin of the Golf R. Speaking of bodies, the new range-topping Golf will be available in both three- and five-door designs. These will also feature the characteristic twin exhausts in the center of the rear diffuser, as well as the five-spoke alloy wheels. On the inside, the Golf R will be given a racing feel by a pair of bucket seats in the front, a racing steering wheel and a more aggressive trim line.

Overall, this will definitely be the Golf to own for enthusiasts. Look forward to the car launching in Europe at the end of 2009, with a US-bound one coming next year.


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The Frankfurt Motor Show will be host to some very impressive high end announcements, especially in terms of supercars. But for those of us without a trust fund or a very successful business venture, Volkswagen will unveil its newest pocket rocket, the Golf R.

Set sit on top of the GTI version of the mark VI Golf, the new version will make its debut next week in Frankfurt. Not a lot of details were revealed, but this rumored presentation will reveal that much to the disappointment of many fans, the model will see a reduction in engine size, as the previous 3.2 liter V6 used on the R32 version of the Golf V will be swapped with the 2 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which is currently on the spec list of the new Scirocco R, meaning that its power output will stay around the 270-280 HP range.

Also it seems that it will borrow quite a lot of things from the Scirocco R, including a bodykit similar to it, twin central exhaust and a new set of five-spoke alloy rims. The meaner image will be topped by a pair of darkened headlamps, so that everyone will know you when they see you in the rear view mirror.

No word yet on whether or not we will see an all-wheel-drive system on the car, but considering the Scirocco R also has the famed 4Motion system, it is a safe bet, especially if you want to control all of those angry horses under the bonnet. Stay tuned for fresh details about this reasonably priced “beast”, straight from the Frankfurt Motor Show.


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The Golf VI hasn’t even debuted yet and Volkswagen has allready announced that the Paris Motor Show will also mark the debut of the Golf VI GTI.

The new Golf GTI will be powered by the 2.0 liter four cylinder TSI engine from its ‘almost-twin’ brother, the Scirocco, which delivers 207 hp (10 hp more than the current generation). The 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint is made in 7.2 seconds, the top speed is 148 mph (238 km/h), the combined fuel consumption is 37.6 mpg, and CO2 emissions level is 178 g/km.

The exterior styling features the front red grille, new headlights with individual lamp pods, more subtle side skirts, smoked rear light lenses, new rear diffuser and a pair of chrome tailpipes, plus the distinctive GTI 18-inch wheels finished in milled silver with gloss black inserts. Of course, the interior also became more sporty.

According to VW, the GTI production will start in spring 2009 and UK sales are expected to start in early summer, with prices and specifications announced closer to this date. What I really don’t get is the purpose of this car? I mean, after releasing the Scirocco, why still keep the GTI? Only because it has a long history? They have the same engine, they look almost the same, doesn’t it mean that basically they’re the same car?

Check out more photos after the jump. (more…)

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Scheduled to make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show, the new Volkswagen Golf VI was unveiled last month, with more photos released yesterday. Now we’ve got the first video of the car, which includes 5 minutes of driving scenes. Enjoy!


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After the hype that came with the “undercover” release of photos and tehnical details about the new generation VW Golf, rumors have started going around about the high performance models the GTI and R32. According to Autocar, who states personal VW insiders, the new GTI will have 11 more bhp, thus reaching a total of 211, mostly due to the new 2.0 litre engine, enriched with Audi’s variable valve-lift system. Changes about this engine also include a more accessable turbo and an oil cooler, which will help keep the running costs down. On the outside, the GTI will differentiate from the regular mark VI by a distinctive body kit, tailights, a choice of 18 or 19 inch wheels and headlights fitted with Audi-type LED lights.

A major change will consist in the replacement of the old R32, the V6 powering it has been sliced due to the stricter EU regulations. In an effort to satisfy the power-hungry clients, VW will release a new version, called GTI-R which will feature AWD and will be powered by the 2.0 litre TFSI from the Audi S3.

A GTI concept is expected to appear this fall at the Paris Motor Show, and clients will be able to purchase it in spring 2009.


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Earlier this week, we posted the leaked photos of the mark VI Volkswagen Golf. Now it seems that VW has released the official details about the launch calendar, new tehnologies employed in this car and the new engines that will be available for this model.

The new Golf will make it’s commercial debut in October in Europe and after that in Africa, Asia, Australia and North America. The prices will start from €16,500, a bit more expensive than the previous Golf V. Among the new tehnologies that the new car will benefit are Automatic Distance Control (ACC), Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC) and Park Steering Assistant. Besides these new features, a new ESP system will be fitted, this one having a finer response, also new safety equipements will be fitted like seven airbags including knee airbag, special anti-whiplash head restraints (WOKS) and a seatbelt detection feature for the rear seats.

As for the engines, the Golf VI will be available right off the start with two 2.0 litre TDI engines, capable of delivering 81 kW / 110 bhp and 103 kW / 140 bhp. These two engines will be the first ones to benefit from the common rail injection, the old ones having pump duse injection. On the gasoline side, 4 engines will be featured in the new line-up, two normally aspirated ones, that will deliver 59 kW / 80 bhp and 75 kW / 102 bhp, and to TSI engines, either supercharged or turbocharged, that will deliver 90 kW / 122 bhp and 118 kW / 160 bhp. VW are really proud of these engines, having stated that these new engines have 28% better fuel economy and are compliant with future EURO 5 standards.


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The Volkswagen Golf is a trully great car, having withstood the test of time with a big success. We will soon see the sixth generation of the small german hatchback later this year, most probably in November when it will be introduced to the European markets. Officially, VW was planning on releasing the first pictures of this car on the 6th of August, but they haven’t really kept those images secure, a few leaked photos of the Volkswagen Golf VI having been released yesterday on the Internet.

At the first look, the Golf engineers seem pretty lazy, preferring to borrow a lot of ideeas from the Scirocco designers. The headlights are almost the same as the VW’s competitive coupe, the tail lights are from the Touareg and the rest of the design is pretty much the same as the last generation. Sure, maybe they worked a lot on the inside, you might think, well not that much, as we can see that a lot of the interior pieces are from the Scirocco. Not quite sure what was VW’s strategy with developing the sixth generation, probably thinking that the popularity which the 5th has enjoyed will be transfered to the new one without much stress. We’ll have to wait until November to see if this new generation will live up to the reputation which the Golf name entrusts to its cars.

Performance-wise, there are still quite a lot of rumours going around, on the base model we will be able to have quite a lot of engines to choose, from TSI and TFSI petrol engines to the TDI diesel units. We’ll see the GTI version in the late 2009, sporting a 2.0 TFSI engine capable of delivering 240 bhp, the top of the line R32 version will probably have Audi S3′s 2.0 TFSI engine that can offer 280 bhp.

We’re going to get more official photos on Wednesday, but full details will probably be available after the car’s debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show in October.

Check out more photos after the jump.


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In a ceremony that took place last Friday, the German magazine “Guter Rat” (Good Advice) awarded the Volkswagen Golf estate with the “Most Sensible Car of the Year 2008″ award, based on the car’s CO2 emissions values, driving comfort and spacious, clever interior. On behalf of VW, Jochen Sengpiehl, Head of Marketing, was present and accepted the award.

You can read more about the award in the full press release, after the jump.


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Here is a recording of the “Top Gear” show in which Jeremy Clarkson and The Stig test the Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 Concept. Watch the video to see their conclusions.


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After two days ago we presented the Ford Edge by H&R, here’s another creation from H&R. The modified Volkswagen GTI got a power upgrade, now developing 240 HP, a stylish body kit, 18 inch OZ Racing wheels, Brembo brake-discs , plus a modified interior with a more powerful multimedia system with touch screens and loudspeakers.

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At the Wörthersee 2007 Auto Show Volkswagen unveiled its hotted up Golf GTI W12 650 concept car, a race inspired hot hatch packing a Biturbo W12 engine developing peak power of 650hp (477kW) at 6,000rpm and torque of 750Nm.

The first thing that pops into your eyes is the exterior, which has been modded with a full wide-bodykit, the GTI now measures 1.88m wide, and rides on super-wide 295mm rubber at the back. These tires had to be specially engineered to fit the unique light alloy wheels. Inside, there’s Alcantara and an assortment of new switchgear and gauges located behind the transparent flip-up switch guards.

The W12 Concept is powered by 6.0-liter Biturbo engine placed longitudinal directly behind the driver and the front seat passenger and has a 6-speed automatic transmission. With these, the GTI W12 650 goes from 0 to 100 in 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 325 km/h. (more…)

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