Goodwood FoS – Tata Megapixel

Arriving for the first time on UK ground, the Tata Megapixel has made an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This is a range-extended EV concept that has CO2 emissions of only 22g/km and can return up to 282 mpg UK. Prakash Telang who is the managing director at Tata Motors has described the Megapixel as “the result of the progress we have made on the Pixel”.

You probably know that the regular Pixel is motivated by a 3-cylinder turbodiesel power unit, while this Megapixel concept is powered by four electric motors, with each of these motors mounted on the wheels. These electric motors are powered by a lithium-ion phosphate battery that has a capacity of 13 kWh which allows the car to provide an electric range of 54 miles. To fill up the batteries you’ll need an induction charging system.

After the Tata Megapixel runs out of electric juice, a very small single-cylinder 325cc engine kicks in, providing a power output of just 30 hp. This gasoline engine allows the car to provide a range of “over 599 miles”, while the top speed is of 68 mph.

The turning cycle of the regular Pixel is of 5.2 meters while the one of the Megapixel is 5.6 meters due to the more complex drivetrain. In order to increase the access inside the cabin, Tata has fitted the Megapixel with double sliding doors, while due to the absence of the B-pillars, the cabin is spacious and easy to get into. Into the front cabin the driver can install a smartphone, while in the center console is a generous touchscreen display which the driver users for controlling the car’s most important interior features.

Source: Tata Motors

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