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Audi revealed at the end of last year that the MultiMediaInterface system (MMI) in the new A8 limousine will be using Google Earth as its navigation software, in order to reveal to people a more accurate display of cities, roads and other useful information. Now, a new video has appeared, showing Google Earth in action, just how it will work on the… …read the full post

We’ve talked about navigation systems in cars before, but this time Audi wants to really strike capture the attention of technology fans, and has announced that its flagship 2011 A8 model, which will appear in spring, 2010, will be able to use Google Earth besides the regular navigation system. This will be possible through a GPRS/EDGE modem… …read the full post

Well this is something you don’t hear everyday, reputed Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello has recently sued software giant Google due to its social networking website Orkut, which is extremely popular in South America, especially Barrichello’s native Brazil. Given that he is a “bit” well known there, many fans have created… …read the full post

It seems that another step in eliminating all of the multiple gadgets you own has been made, as Google announced yesterday that it will be bringing free turn-by-turn navigation to its Google Maps service for all of the smartphones that will be based on the Android 2.0 operating system. Currently, the first smartphone to feature such an OS will be the… …read the full post

In a press release made today, BMW announced that it will be the only automobile manufacturer to offer the Google local search in the car. BMW drivers will be able to use this search function to Google for local information everywhere in Germany. When you find what you searched for, the details are transferred to the navigation system and car phone…. …read the full post