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Well one thing we sure aren’t missing these days are awesome concepts, after the Datsun 240Z by a polish designer, this time, south-african Idries Noah served us with this beautiful rendering of his Lotus Europa i6. He also said that it is a concept on a mid-engined car, rear wheel driven that wants to combine the classic Europa and Elite models with the newer cars from the English manufacturer.

He also stated the supposed tehnical specs that the car would have, weighing in at around 920 kg or 2,030 lbs, it would be powered by a 2 litre supercharged inline 6 cylinder engine, capable of taking the car from 0-62 mph or 100 km/h in about 7 seconds, quite a lot in this day and age for a car that wants to aspire to the Lotus brand. Anyway, let’s hope the english designers get a glimpse at this car and grab some ideas for the next Lotus, because this is one great car. Check out one more image after the jump.

Source: CarScoop

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