Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge to appear this December, prizes to be won –

Racing games are a favorite for many car fans as they allow regular people like you or me to get behind the wheel, virtual as it may be, and see what it feels to drive some of the most expensive cars in the world, without anyone saying anything.

But this December, besides the regular presents, will bring something even better for racing fans and PlayStation 3 owners, as Sony and Polyphony Digital, the publisher and developer, respectively, of the upcoming racing simulator Gran Turismo 5, will unleash the GT5 Time Trial Challenge on the PlayStation Network.

Basically it will be a glorified demo, where you’ll get to race two versions of the Nissan 370Z, a stock and a tuned one, on a single circuit and compete in two time trial events, one for each model. But you will not only race for your prestige, as the owners of the best times will win a special, all-expenses paid trip to the Indianapolis 500 NASCAR race, and experience everything in VIP style with one guest.

The contest is only open to US and Canada residents, and you will need to be over 18 to win anything, runners up will get vouchers to download Gran Turismo for the PSP console. The contest will begin on December 17, when the demo goes live, and continue until January 25. With that being said, may the best racer win!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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