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The Green Card is a legal document, recognized internationally and usually provided by the car insurance company you have chosen. The Green Card system is actually managed by the Council of Bureau established in London. This certificate is required by law for British drivers that travel overseas, acting as a proof of insurance valid in a foreign country.

Annual Green Card Car Insurance Uk

The annual UK Green Card car insurance comes for free, because in essence it’s a document proving that your car benefits from a certain level of insurance. But, if you want to be protected by more than the Road Traffic Accident coverage while driving in a foreign country, you should take into consideration extending your coverage. Many insurance agents state that the annual Green Card car insurance will cost you some extra money, but in fact the cost is higher because your insurance is valid in overseas countries as well and not only in the UK. And most definitely, the ”foreign use extension”, as it’s called, doesn’t come for free.

If you are a UK insured driver, you should know that the policy will be also valid in all the EU countries (no extra cost involved), but that’s true only for the third party damage coverage. But if you feel that kind of insurance doesn’t cover all the possible scenarios, you should think seriously about applying for the annual UK Green Card car insurance. If you decide to do so, you should know that the rate required by this extended insurance will depend on the tenure of the coverage you are interested in. Another factor will be the type of car you drive, that piece of information being considered important by many insurance companies. The length of the time period when the insurance will be needed might also count.

The Green Card might not be compulsory in all the European countries, but it’s always wise to check before hitting the road, because after all the Green Card is recognized in over 40 countries, so it might be good to have. Countries like Romania, Malta or Poland are very strict and if you don’t present the Green Card as proof of insurance you might have your car impounded. And we all hate when that happens. If I got interested, there a few places where you can get one. Almost any insurer can provide you with such a document, but they aren’t required to. If the company doesn’t offer you this option you can check with another insurer available on the market or try buying border insurance when you are close to entering in a country.

And if those weren’t arguments convincing enough, I must tell you that, even in the countries where frontier inspection is not required, the Green Card is the insurance document that is easily recognized by the national police officers. So, if you are pulled over and asked to produce evidence of insurance, this is the easiest way to deal with the situation without having to face any inconveniences. Therefore, you might find it useful to look into the possibility of getting annual UK Green Card car insurance.

Remember to think about insurance when you decide to travel abroad and use your personal vehicle. You should first upgrade your level of insurance and even if that involves an extra cost I’m sure that you will realize it was worth the trouble if an unpredictable situation occurs. Always plan ahead and make sure all the documentation necessary is ready on time, because otherwise the insurance policy will not be valid and you might end up having to pay expensive bills.

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