Guess Which Is The Most Stolen Car In The US

There is one car which seems to have been built to be stolen. I am talking about the 1994 Honda Accord which has managed to win for four consecutive years the title of “most stolen car in the US”. Its performance was made possible by its popularity among car buyers and by the weak security features it makes available.

The data gathered by the National Insurance Crime Bureau has shown that in 2011 no more and no less then 7,596 Honda Accords were stolen just in the US. The runner up is also a Honda car, the 1998 Honda Civic, so 2011 was also the seventh year when the first two positions of this most stolen car in the US top were occupied by Honda cars. The general explanation of auto theft investigators is that older cars are usually targeted by thieves because they aren’t equipped with the safety features that one can find in the newer cars available on the market.

One of the safety measures that make newer cars harder to steal is the one which makes it nearly impossible to start the car without a key. That means these newer cars can’t be hot-wired as easily as the Honda cars produced before 1998 when Honda added this innovative security feature to all its models.

To offer complete information about this top of most stolen cars in the US I must also mention the winner of the bronze medal which is represented by the full-size pickups of Ford produced in 2006. These pickups are among the best-selling cars in the US.

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