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(Wrecked) Gumpert Apollo

I really hate when rare cars like the Gumpert Apollo get totaled. A 20-year-old German managed to wreck this $400k automotive masterpiece along a highway near Brokdorf, Germany while taking a slow corner at a very high speed, causing the supercar to skid into a pasture. As you can see from this photo, the 700-hp Apollo lost most of its carbon fiber, leaving only the passenger compartment intact.

As you might have guessed that already, the driver was not the owner of the car. The good news is that both of the people inside survived with minor injuries, but we can’t say that about the car though…

Source: Jalopnik | Photo: DPA

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For those of you that don’t remember the Gumpert Apollo, it has a 4.2-liter bi-turbo V8 engine borrowed from Audi that cranks out 650 hp in the standard version and 700 hp in the Sport trim. The one you see in this video is even more powerful than that, offering a whopping 800 hp! This Apollo is the only of its kind in Italy and in this video you can see it stretching its legs at the Monza circuit for a couple of very fast laps.

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show they’ve brought a more down-to-earth version of the Apollo, dubbed Tornante. You can read more about it here – Gumpert Tornante.

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