Guy paints car like police cruiser, officials are ok with it |

Did you know what are the two things you need to do in order to be allowed to paint your car like a police cruiser? Easy, all you have to do is own a car that isn’t in your local police car fleet and then not act like a policeman while driving it. Yup, that easy. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this to be like this.

Jesse Virgil wanted to paint his 2007 Ford Mustang to look like a police cruiser from the “Transformers” movie because Thomas, his 7 yo son is a really big fan of the movie. Virgil said: “My intent was to re-create the movie car. When I came back from Iraq, I tried to spoil him. I wasn’t the best dad before.” However, before starting working on it, he adressed the city’s police department and asked them if they’ll allow him to do that.

And they said that, as long as he doesn’t act like a cop while driving the car, everything’s ok. Of course, there are some differences between an actual police car and Virgil’s car. For example, the “To protect and serve” slogan was replaced with “To punish and enslave” and, instead of telling people to dial 911 for emergencies, the car says “dial 411 for theater information.” Later, he added a bar of emergency lights, but these are not actual lights and their only use is to make the car look more police-like.

So, what do you think, besides the coolness of the car, is it such a good idea to allow people to paint their cars like police ones? I mean, ok, the police doesn’t have Mustangs, but who knows exactly what cars the police has?

Source: Fox News

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